UX - Experience is Everything

User Experience (UX) is an imperative and essential aspect of a successful application. Professionally designed User Experiences are paramount for DoD applications because critical missions depend on users ability to quickly and effectively accomplish their tasks and achieve their goals. For nearly 25-years Rocket has been committed to delivering world-class UX Designs for mission critical applications.

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    New & Legacy App Design

    We’ll help you create your inaugural app with a product UX strategy that not only ensures a successful launch, but also establishes the foundation for your products ongoing success.

    Your core technology is excellent and you’ve got a well established customer base. The problem is you’re losing sales and customer confidence because of your applications outdated User Experience. We can work with your team to evolve and modernize your product’s UX to deliver on the promise of its underlying technology. We’ll reinforce your competitive advantage with an improved and leading edge UX.

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    UX Design Systems

    Rocket uses a proprietary user-centric discovery process and an agile design method to develop and execute, UX systems for enterprise and the department of defense. We become experts in the challenges your systems solve and the userbase that benefits from those systems. We then develop the holistic UX patterns, reliable components, gratifying interactions and easy to understand guidelines that add value to your product by delivering a compelling and satisfying experience for the end user.

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    UX Strategic Consulting

    Rocket can help develop custom user experience (UX ) solutions within your organization. With the proliferation of devices and ever increasing number of digital interactions, A strategic UX vision is more important than ever. Rocket understands how your high-level business decisions are integrated and executed into a stable and progressive UX strategy that translates into a return on investment.

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    All Platforms with Screen / Display

    The need for a well planned and executed UX strategy is not limited to just mobile devices or the desktop. Excellent UX can add value to any platform with a screen or display including but not limited to Head's up Displays (HUD), Custom hardware-software solutions, Virtual Reality (VR) and message based user interfaces.