Enterprise UX

Rocket designs sophisticated user experiences for essential and complex products used by professionals. For 25-years Rocket has been creating leading edge enterprise user experience designs, proudly contributing to our customers competitive advantage.

Work Samples


CyDesign Studio was designed as a modern cloud-based collaborative environment for the design and analysis of cyber- and electro-mechanical systems (CEMS). Using the latest capabilities and standards offered by modern browsers, Studio is for teams of specialized experts to collaborate on multi-component assemblies for internal teams.

CyDesign portfolio image


The DemandBase B2B Marketing Cloud Platform needed a complete User Experience (UX) redesign and production services, creating a unified platform. The two key applications that comprised this unification were the Performance Manager and Ad Manager applications. Rocket designed the Unified Platform so it was quick to learn, efficient to use, and provided users with an overall satisfying and productive experience.

Demandbase portfolio image


Catbird Networks provides Software-Defined Segmentation and Security for its Hybrid IT Infrastructure that enables company executives and tactical data specialists to quickly identify and thwart security attacks.

Catbird portfolio image


Waterline Data, a powerful big-data analysis platform that enables finding, understanding, and governing data in Hadoop. For this Silicon Valley start-up, Rocket designed a brand new User Experience for their revolutionary application. Having successfully worked with Waterline’s founder Alex Gorelik at his previous start-up, Exceros, Rocket’s ability to deliver once again for his new venture was unquestioned.

Waterline portfolio image