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The US Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC) has committed to updating their technology and IT infrastructure. These updates include a focus on satellite ground systems and transforming them into “enterprise architectures”. Rocket is participating in this effort as the creators and sustainers of the Astro Space User Experience Design System and the transformation of Enterprise Ground Services (EGS) baseline applications.

Astro Space UX Design System

Astro is a free and open source User Experience Design System for use creating modern web-based space applications. Astro is supported and provided by the SMC. Working with SMC, Rocket created Astro and continues to support it with constant updates and enhancements. Designers and developers use Astro to create consistent professional space apps quickly. Visit

Astro Web Site


Since 2017 Rocket has worked with SMC on the EGS program, and through these efforts our team has become experts in Telemetry, Tracking, and Command (TT&C) and Ground Resource Management (GRM) UX design. The results of these efforts are incorporated into the Services Specific area of Astro. Design and development teams creating TT&C or GRM apps can utilize these baseline app examples as the foundation for their product UX designs. Utilizing key patterns, components, and iconography when designing new TT&C and GRM apps will create consistency across apps and help support SMC’s effort to eliminate system stovepipes.

SMC EGS image


Rocket partnered with Harris to design and deliver a best of breed MILSPEC ready remote CONOPS application. Taking cues from existing hardware-based systems the designs produced by Rocket successfully mimicked what the users were most familiar with in physical world and transitioned them to a virtual digital environment without losing functionality or efficiency.

Harris CONOPS portfolio image

United States Air Force

Harris Corporation was approached by the U.S. Air Force to create a best of breed UX design solution for their Satellite Communications Systems (SATCOM), offering a unified standard for all future web application design and development projects. Based on previous successful UX collaborations, Harris turned to Rocket as their partner to deliver on this request.

United States Airforce portfolio image

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