Lift Off

Our story kicked off in 1992 with a young, driven Silicon Valley native. After launching her career at Apple, Michal Anne Rogondino founded Rocket Communications to focus exclusively on User Experience (UX) design for enterprise companies such as HP, Autodesk, and Oracle. The Rocket team has developed a deep understanding of how people use digital products– and we never stop learning.

We Think Big

For decades Rocket has delivered world-class UX design solutions, thanks to our domain expertise and proprietary methodology. Our clients choose us because we have the capacity to manage huge projects with massive levels of complexity. We’re not just designers– We are an eclectic team with backgrounds that include psychology, digital design, animation, graphic design, fine arts, industrial design, information architecture, engineering, and military. We are fearless.

Mission Success

We’ve done great work for hundreds of companies, including some of the most complex systems around. Think gene editing, finance, even satellite command and communications. In fact, Rocket was selected to deliver Astro, the leading UX Design System for space mission applications used by the US Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center (USAF SMC).

Our team is driven by challenging projects. No matter the type of application or system, we’re committed to making it the best it can be. The scale of our projects may be growing, but our mission has always been the same: To make the complex simple and help people work better.

Our Leadership Team

  • Caricature of Michal Anne Rogondino, Founder and CEO
    Michal Anne RogondinoFounder and CEO
  • Caricature of Kevin Hause, Chief Operating Officer
    Kevin HauseChief Operating Officer
  • Caricature of Mandy Wallace, Chief Financial Officer
    Mandy WallaceChief Financial Officer
  • Caricature of Jennifer Rousey, Chief Experience Officer
    Jennifer RouseyChief Experience Officer
  • Caricature of Jeff Hokit, UX Design Fellow
    Jeff HokitUX Design Fellow
  • Caricature of Pierre Granier, Program Executive
    Pierre GranierProgram Executive