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Rocket Communications is an Enterprise UX Design Company

A great User Experience is imperative for an enterprise application to be successful. Professionally designed User Experiences are paramount for business applications because success depends on your users’ ability to quickly and effectively accomplish their tasks and achieve their goals.

What you do is important and you need an experienced UX team who can get the job done right the first time. Rocket’s specialty is designing sophisticated user experiences for essential and complex products used by professionals. For 25-years Rocket has been creating leading edge enterprise user experience designs, proudly contributing to our customers competitive advantage.

Capabilities Statement

Download our Capabilities Statement, a printable document with descriptions of our expertise, work samples, and Small Business Certifications.


Small Business Certifications

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New Applications

We’ll help you create your inaugural app with a product UX strategy that not only ensures a successful launch, but also establishes the foundation for your products ongoing success.

Legacy Transformations

Your core technology is excellent and you’ve got a well established customer base. The problem is you’re losing sales and customer confidence because of your applications outdated User Experience. We can work with your team to evolve and modernize your product’s UX to deliver on the promise of its underlying technology. We’ll reinforce your competitive advantage with an improved and leading edge UX.

Michal Anne RogondinoFounder and CEO

Our perfectly sized crew of professional designers and developers have dedicated their careers to creating world-class applications. We are an eclectic team with backgrounds that include psychology, digital design, animation, graphic design, fine arts, industrial design, information architecture, and engineering. The Rocket Team DNA delivers an unmatched level of passion, experience and depth to your projects. We are fearless.

  • Jeff HokitDirector of UX Design
  • Ty Van LeuvenDirector of VX Design
  • Pierre GranierSenior Project Manager
  • Mandy WallaceDirector of Finance
  • Emily LazoLead UI Designer
  • Duncan McAlesterLead Developer
  • Silvio AebischerSenior Visual Designer
  • Neal FaradinehBusiness Development
  • You?Join Us

Our headquarters are located in San Francisco, and we work with companies all over the world. The team you meet is the team you’ll work with.

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